10 Tests per box Liqui-Cult® test kits are used to detect microbial growth in fluids, in the laboratory and in the workplace. Areas of application include water, metalworking fluids, hydrocarbons, and other liquids such as cleaners, cosmetics, liquid soaps and detergents, etc.



These test kits are used to detect microbial growth in process fluids, fuel systems and storage tanks.

Areas of application include:

  • Diesel, Gasoline, Aviation and Marine fuels; all liquid hydrocarbons
  • Plant process waters, metalworking fluids, die casting fluids, cleaners, cosmetics, liquid soaps and detergents, etc.

Liqui-Cult® test kits are designed for field use or in a lab or office environment. They can help determine the type and degree of microbial infestation usually measured by the more expensive plate count system found in a laboratory. These kits are typically used to identify problems and if the tester needs to understand the contamination type, a follow-on lab test can be in initiated.

To use the kit, simply fill the 5cc syringe (included in each kit) with the sample fluid to be tested. Remove the small metal cap on top of the bottle. Inject the complete 5cc of sample through the rubber cap of the test bottle containing the liquid agar and shake it vigorously. (refer to the instructions) Then incubate for 30 hrs for bacterial growth or 72 hrs for fungal growth. Then compare it to the appropriate color photo chart to determine the degree of contamination.

These kits are used as a first line of defense to identify the problem. Once the contamination level has been identified, then a follow-on procedure should be initiated to address the contamination. This kit is a fraction of the cost compared to a laboratory evaluation.

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