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10 tests per box These dip slides are double sided with two mediums. On one side it is coated with TTC agar which promotes the growth of the most common bacteria. The other side is covered with Rose Bengal agar, which promotes the growth of molds and yeasts. The slide is intended for simultaneous estimation of total bacterial counts, yeasts and molds.



These dipslides are double sided with two mediums, TTC agar (yellowish) for bacteria and on the other side, Rose-Bengal Agar (pink) for fungi. These dip slides are used in metalworking fluids, fuel storage systems, process waters, cooling towers, die casting fluids, paint/coatings, paper manufacturing and many other applications. This dip slide allows for detection of bacteria and yeast/mold/fungal. An easy to use chart is provided to make a comparison. Once a determination has been made a follow-on program to control these identified issues should take place.

When “bugs” (bacteria, yeast and fungi) live in industrial fluids, fuels and coolants, they grow by “eating” the fluid components and cause a chemical breakdown or an acidic condition. These conditions lead to expensive and time-consuming breakdowns. These issues affect the bottom line and be costly to a plant or system.

EASICULT™ gives you an early warning of microbial growth in your process fluids, allowing you to identify and eliminate this growth with industrial strength biocides or other antimicrobial agents. If you are currently using such agents, EASICULT provides an easy way to monitor the effectiveness of these “bug killers”, alerting you to the need for further application and analysis.

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